Spares & Accessories

Our Multi-Rides and Giant Games are designed and built by us to a high standard and to withstand normal use, both indoors and outdoors.

All our products are well known in the market place for being remarkably free from operational problems but, in the unlikely event of a part breaking down, as the original equipment manufacturer, we carry a full range of spares here in our UK factory and can provide a rapid response service.

Parts breaking down in the first two years are covered by our warranty.

For customers able to bring their Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride back to our factory, we also offer a free service and re-test after twelve months from the date of purchase.

In addition to the spare parts, we also provide a range of accessories including:-

Flight Cases
We offer purpose built flight cases for our control consoles which give excellent protection and make transporting easy.

Carry Bags
For protecting, storing and transporting bull bodies and other equipment, we offer a range of canvas and polyester zipped bags with meshed vents and two carrying handles.

Shower Covers, Tents & Tunnels
When you’re using your Multi-Rides or Giant Games outdoors and rain is forecast, our inflatable tents can keep you dry and maximise the fun. We can provide designs and sizes to suit all occasions and themes.

Rider Cut Off Switch
Our Rider Cut Off Switch, or ‘Dead Man’s Handle’, is an extra safety feature that can be fitted to your Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride to ensure each rider has the safest ride possible.

Our Rider Cut Off Switch is made up of two major components; a transmitter and a receiver.

The transmitter is fitted into our Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride bull body, and is connected to a lanyard which is worn by the rider using a Velcro wrist strap.

While the lanyard remains connected to the bull body, our Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride continues to work. As soon as the rider breaks the connection between the lanyard attached to their wrist, and the bull body, the Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride stops.

The Rider Cut Out Switch can be fitted at point of sale of our Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride, or can be fitted to any existing Multi-Ride in a matter of hours.