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Up The Creek

Don’t lose your paddle up this creek. 4 Players compete against each other to see who can paddle the quickest. For indoors or out.

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Product Description

Don’t lose your paddle up this creek. 4 Players compete against each other to see who can paddle the quickest, in this fun rowing game. Suitable for indoors or out.

Features Include: 

Authentic fibreglass textured river track
Four rowing oars and padded shaped boat seat.
Realistic race commentary
Compact & easily transportable
Quick & easy one person set-up

How to play the Up the Creek  game
On the fibreglass textured river track there are four different coloured rowers; blue, yellow, red and green. These rowers are matched to an oar and padded boat seat of the same colour. The four players have to take their oars and position themselves in front of their corresponding colours on the padded seat and at the start of the game each player has to simulate a rowing / paddle motion. The faster they paddle, the faster their track rower will travel along the river course to the finishing line.

Up the Creek game commentary

To add to the fun and excitement during each race, players and spectators will be able to hear the very realistic race commentary and crowd noise, which simply encourages the players to go faster. Our game is equipped with a powerful 30-watt amplifier and two high quality speakers for clarity. It also has the facility to regulate the volume to your requirements.

The aim of the Up the Creek game
The faster the players perform the paddle movement the faster their rower travels up the track towards the finishing line – the first rower to reach the finishing line is the winner! At the end of the race the winning lane will light up, and the commentary will announce the colour and the name of the winning rower. At the end of each game the rowers return to their starting line ready for the next game.

Easily transportable
The complete  is totally self-contained in a purpose built industrial flight case and is supplied complete with folding legs. As the game measures just 1.7m long x 0.8m wide and 0.35m deep (5ft 7″ x 2ft 8″ x 14″) and weighs 80kgs (176lbs) it is easily transportable in any large estate car or commercial vehicle.