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Surf Simulator Package

  • Automatic control console
  • Base unit
  • Surfboard
  • Inflatable mat
  • Electric fan



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Product Description

  • Automatic desk-top control console
  • 3 pre-set programmes
  • 2 built in competition timers
  • Base unit including stabiliser legs
  • Surfboard
  • 3.65m square blue & white inflatable  safety mat, UK manufactured
  • 0.75kw electric fan



Ease and simplicity have played a major role in the design of our Surfboard Simulator. One person can quite easily set up the complete Simulator including the inflatable in only 10 minutes.

Small Lightweight Base Unit
Measuring 540mm (1.7 ft) long, 300mm (1ft) wide and 600mm (2ft) high means our Surf Simulator Base Unit fits easily allows through standard doors and passages. Weighing only 56kgs (123lbs) means it’s lighter to carry than most children’s bouncy castles and can be easily manoeuvred using a sack barrow. Height restrictions have always been one of the major limitations on all Multi-Rides, but with the Surfboard Simulator Base Unit measuring only 600mm (2ft) high, it allows safe operation in virtually any indoor venue (minimum ceiling height of 2.5 metres – 8ft).

Our Base Unit is encased in fibreglass and is supplied complete with 4 slot-in stabiliser legs.

Each Stabiliser leg is:

* Electro-plated to prevent corrosion
* Has hard rubber pads attached, helping reduce the possibility of   movement during operation
* Fitted with a locking spring to ensure complete security during use

Automatic Control Console:
Our Automatic Control Console measures 450mm (1.5ft) x 310mm (1ft) x 430mm (1.4ft) and weighs 18kgs (40lbs) again making it easy to carry and position.

In addition, our Automatic Control Console has:

* 3 pre-set programmes – each set at a different skill/speed level
* 2 competition timers (100mm (4″) high digits)
* 1 timer recording the current rider’s time
* 1 timer recording the longest rider of the event
* Operator timer on the fascia of the control console

Our Automatic Control Console allows you to select either the Manual joystick operation or one of our three pre-set programmes. Our pre-set programmes allow each rider to have an identical ride, making it easier to judge the riders’ skill, and having the built in timer is ideal for competition events.

Control Console Flight Cases
An optional extra our purpose built flight cases, are available from stock.

Having a flight case will:

* Help keep your Control Console in good condition
* Prevent any damage to the Control Console during transit
* Keep your Control Console dry and secure when not in use
* Act as a secure base for your Control Console during operation
* Give a more professional impression to customers

Surf, Snowboard & Skateboard Attachments
Our Surfboard Simulator has been designed for use with either a Surfboard, Snowboard or a Skateboard. Our Surfboards have a textured surface, allowing riders a better grip. Our Surf, Snowboard & Skateboard attachments can be used on our G.S. Engineering Limited Multi-Ride base unit (a larger inflatable safety mat is recommended in this case).

The children’s Buffalo Billy and baby Dino attachments are also designed to be used with the surf simulator base unit, to enable you to use this system for young children aswell as adults.

Waved Inflatable Safety Mat
Our blue and white Inflatable Safety Mat measuring 3.65 metres (12ft) squared and produced from flame resistant PVC (conforms to BS.5438 test 2a 1989), comes as standard along with 0.75kw centrifugal fan.

Easily Transportable
No need for large vans or trailers, the complete Surfboard Simulator can quite easily be transported in any small van or hatchback vehicle.