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Option 2 – Regular Rodeo Bull

  • Manual control console
  • Base unit
  • Cowhide rodeo bull body with leather saddle
  • Inflatable safety mat
  • Electric fan
  • Flight case

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Product Description

  • Manual joystick control console
  • Easily maneuverable base unit including stabiliser legs
  • Rodeo bull body fitted with a real cowhide and full-size leather saddle
  • 4.5m diameter inflatable safety mat UK manufactured
  • 0.75kw electric fan
  • Flight case


Rodeo Bull Base Unit

Ease and simplicity have played a major role in the design of our very modern and attractive Rodeo Bull Multi Ride Base Unit. Measuring only 700mm wide (28″) allows easy access into any venues through all standard doors and passages, and weighing just over 100 kgs (220lbs) makes it a fraction of the weight of all other similar multi-rides, and therefore, much more manoeuverable.

Our Multi-Rides come with six lightweight, slot-in stabiliser legs, giving the Base Unit greater stability during use. Each stabiliser leg is electro-plated to prevent corrosion, and is supplied with two non-slip rubber pads,which are designed to prevent any movement during use.

The modern pyramid design Base Unit has no sharp corners or edges, which reduces the possibility of any injury to riders when falling.

Each of our Rodeo Bull Multi-Rides is supplied with an A frame, handle and tri-wheel attachment, which fits simply and easily onto the Base Unit. This gives the operator much better directional control when moving the Base Unit over rough or uneven surfaces, and over long distances.

Unloading of vehicles and climbing stairs and steps is so much easier!

Our Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride also runs off a 220/240 volt mains supply or a 6.9kva, 5500 watt minimum generator supply

Manual, Automatic & Programmable Consoles
Our Desk Top Control Console weighs only 18 kgs (39lbs) making it easy to carry.

Features on both our Manual and Automatic consoles include:

* Joystick operation – 8 different settings/positions
* Individual speed dials for the buck and spin
* Mains Isolator switch
* Emergency stop button

Additional features on our Automatic Control Consoles include:

* 3 automatic pre-set programmes – each set at a different skill/speed    level
* 2 competition timers (100mm (4″) high digits)
* 1 timer recording the current riders time
* 1 timer recording the longest ride of the event
* Operator timer on the fascia of the control console
* Spin shut off switch – (for use with stand-up attachments)

Control Console Flight Case

We have our own design and purpose built Flight Cases for our Desk Top and Free-Standing Control Consoles.

Advantages of our flight case are:-

* Keeps your Control Console in good condition
* Prevents your Control Console from possible damage during transit
* Allows your Control Console to be kept dry and secure when not in use
* Makes storing your Control Console easier
* Gives a more professional impression when arriving at your venue
* Provides a secure base for the Desk-Top Control Console during operation
Hair Textured Bull Bodies
Our fibreglass Hair-Textured Bull Bodies are ideal for the very busy hire operator as they are hard wearing and suitable for all weathers.

These can be produced in a choice of colours, and come complete with a black decorative saddle, which is moulded into the body.

Cow Hide Bull Bodies 
You may prefer a Rodeo Bull Body that has been professionally fitted with real cowhide. Due to the natural shedding of this hide, and depending on the frequency of use of your Rodeo Bull, the cowhide can be replaced if required to maintain the appearance of your Rodeo Bull.

In addition to the cowhide, a full-sized black leather saddle is fitted. The saddle helps to maintain the appearance of the Rodeo Bull by covering the area most liable to hair-shedding.

Authentic Rubber Bull Horns and Flashing Eyes
Our solid Rubber Bull Horns are produced from a very hard wearing, flexible rubber, which should last for many years. All of our rodeo bull hard head options are supplied (with 10mm dia (1cm) red flashing eyes) as standard. These are operated from a battery pack that has a simple ON/OFF switch, positioned in the head of the Rodeo Bull.

Robust Rodeo Bull Rope Handle
Our Rodeo Bulls are fitted with 30mm dia (3cm) semi-rigid spliced rope that acts as a handle for riders.

Rodeo Bull Inflatable Safety Mat
Our Inflatable Safety Mats are supplied to G.S. Engineering Limited by a long-established UK company.

Our standard Inflatable measures 4.5 meters (15 ft) in diameter which allows safe operation in small venues. Our flush fitting, wrap around design makes for quick and easy set-up and requires no heavy or difficult lifting.

As our Inflatable Safety Mat inflates very closely up to the pyramid design base unit, there is no need for any large or heavy extra padding.

The inflatable safety mat is also supplied with a velcro top cover.
Western Theme Inflatable
Also available is our Western Themed Inflatable Safety Mat. This Inflatable measures 4.5 metres (15 ft) in dia. With the outer wall at 1.12 meters high (14ft) and with the Western themed artwork and authentic bull horns it makes an ideal centerpiece for any Wild West or Western themed event with our Rodeo Bull Multi-Ride.